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Joaquín García Murcia, Iván A. Rodríguez Cardo, Diego Álvarez Alonso (ed.)

The Impact of the Supreme Courts on the Development of Labour Law in Europe

Colección: Laboral
Materia: Derecho

This collective book focuses on the case law or jurisprudence of the Supreme Courts and tries to provide a balanced comparative view on how it has influenced the development of the legal systems across Europe, within the specific area of labour law.
Through the analysis of leading cases and judgments from the respective top-level courts of the 12 national jurisdictions examined (France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Ukraine and United Kingdom), it allows not only to assess the situation and the particular features on the matter in each country, but to draw up an overall picture, to identify common trends and —more specifically— to emphasise how the case law of the Supreme Courts has an already consolidated and growing role in the shaping of labour law in the whole European context.