Sam Wilkinson, M. Lange, L. Bernáth, J. Tőzsér, A. Vicente, K. Fraser y E. Castroviejo, T. Kiymaz, R. Marciel Pariente, D. Jacquette, J. Bertran San Millán, Frege Teorema XXXIX-2, 2020

Premio de ensayo teorema 2019/
teorema Essay Prize for Young Scholars 2019
Sam Wilkinson,
The Agentive Role of Inner Speech in Self-Knowledge
M. Lange
What Inference to the Best Explanation Is Not: 
A Response to Roche and Sober’s Screening-Off Challenge to IBE
L. Bernáth and J. Tőzsér
Rolling Back the Rollback Argument
A. Vicente, K. Fraser y E. Castroviejo
Lenguaje peyorativo en español: términos despreciativos usados como insultos
T. Kiymaz
A Priori Physicalism and the Knowledge Argument
R. Marciel Pariente
Why not Extend Rawls’ Public Reason Beyond Fundamental Issues? 
A Defence of the Broad-Scope View of Public Reason
nota crítica/critical notice
D. Jacquette
Frege. A Philosophical Biography
(J. Bertran San Millán, Frege’s Intellectual Life As a Logicist Project)