CRISTIAN SABORIDO, C. Boorse, Reznek, N. Binney, J. Sholl, S. Ockholm, A. Thorell, J. V. Mayoral, C. Barés, M. Fontaine, G. Airoldi, D. Vecchi, O. Todt, J. L. Luján, J. M. Marcum

Teorema 40-1, 2021

Director invitado/Guest Editor
C. Saborido, Introduction: Philosophy of Medicine As an Autonomous Discipline 5
C. Saborido, Introducción: La Filosofía de la Medicina como disciplina autónoma 12
C. Boorse, Reznek on Health 23
N. Binney, Using Medical History to Study Disease Concepts in the Present: Lessons from Georges Canguilhem 67
J. Sholl and S. Ockholm, Taking a Naturalistic Turn in the Health and Disease Debate 91
A. Thorell, Pathology as Reduced Effi ciency: A Dispositional Approach 111
J. V. Mayoral, Decision-Making in Medicine: A Kuhnian Approach 133
C. Barés and M. Fontaine, Medical Reasoning in Public Health Emergencies: Below High Standards of Accuracy 151
G. Airoldi and D. Vecchi, Evidence-Based Policies? Th e Covid 19 Pandemic and the Prospects of Evidence Integration 175
O. Todt and J. L. Luján, Health Claim Regulation and Public Health: Individual Choice or Libertarian Paternalism? 199
J. M. Marcum, P7 Medicine: Humanizing Systems Medicine 215
Evaluadores de teorema (2018-2020)/Referees for teorema (2018-2020) 233