Teorema N. Kurbis, G. Lando, J. Velarde Lombraña, E. Maraguat, C. Bennett, J. M. Pérez Bermejo, A. Duff, J. L. Martí, S. Rosell, C. Sandis, C. Bennett, E. Zerbudis, C. Bennett, F. J. Gil Marín S. Luft, S. Overgaard, A. Serrano de Haro, B. Garrett, P. Rychter, J.

Teorema, n.º XXXI/2, primavera 2012

N. KÜRBIS, How Fundamental is the Fundamental Assumption?
G. LANDO, Russell’s Relations, Wittgenstein’s Objects, and the Theory of Types
J. VELARDE LOMBRAÑA, Teoría de los requisitos en Leibniz
E. MARAGUAT, Presentation/Presentación
C. BENNETT, Précis of The Apology Ritual/Resumen de The Apology Ritual
J. M. PÉREZ BERMEJO, Some Familial Problems in the Retributivist Theory
A. DUFF, Penal Coercion and the Apology Ritual
J. L. MARTÍ, The Limits of Apology in a Democratic Criminal Justice. Some Remarks on Bennett’s The Apology Ritual
S. ROSELL, Responding to Wrongdoing: Comments on Christopher Bennett’s The Apology Ritual
C. SANDIS, The Public Expression of Penitence
C. BENNETT, Replies to My Commentators
E. ZERBUDIS, Natural Kinds, Natural Kind Terms and the Notion of Rigidity (H. BEEBEE and N. SABBARTON-LEARY (EDS.), The Semantics and Metaphysics of Natural Kinds.
C. BENNETT, What is This Thing Called Ethics? por F. J. GIL MARÍN
S. LUFT y S. OVERGAARD (EDS.), The Routledge Companion to Phenomenology por A. SERRANO DE HARO
B. GARRETT, What is This Thing Called Metaphysics? por P. RYCHTER
J. A. NICOLÁS (ED.), Guía Comares de Zubiri por J. M. GÓMEZ DELGADO
G. MARTÍ, On Modality and Reference Ruth Barcan Marcus (1921-2012)